On this speed-drawing video, you can discover how I make my single line drawings. I use a reference photo that I place at the left hand-side of the paper. My eyes constantly go back and forth between the photo and my pen on the paper.

Though I work quite intuitively, I am extremely precise in catching the "right line". If the line is "wrong", I can not erase it, so I have to start all over again! So before starting I take quite some time to really study the face, its lines, its depth. Single line drawing is generally a (sometime long) a trial and error process, that is what makes it so exciting and challenging...

I used a blue ink fineliner to draw the initial continuous line for this auto-portrait. I add some vibrant colour accents with watercolor. I like how bright (non realistic) colors add depth to the personality of the people I portray. In my portrait portfolio, you can see other portraits, either one-color, black and white, or with watercolor. 

Pascale Guillou Illustration © Pascale Guillou AutoPortrait.jpg