Pascale Guillou
Pascale Guillou
Editorial & Commercial Illustrations | Portraits

Simple can be harder than complex.*

I create spot-on illustrations for my clients. I love single-line & minimalist drawings, but I make much more. My work ranges from (corporate) portraits, (single-line) drawing of people in situation, medical or technical illustrations, maps… to editorial illustrations.

My work can be found on company’s websites, annual reports, packaging, brochures… or on your wall.





Commercial Illustrations 






Making OF

Pascale Guillou Illustration © Pascale Guillou AutoPortrait.jpg

On this speed-drawing video, you can discover how I make my single line drawings. I use a reference photo that I place at the left hand-side of the paper. My eyes constantly go back and forth between the photo and my pen on the paper.

Though I work quite intuitively, I am extremely precise in catching the "right line". If the line is "wrong", I can not erase it, so I have to start all over again! So before starting I take quite some time to really study the face, its lines, its depth. Single line drawing is generally a trial and error process, that is what makes it so exciting and challenging...